All is Well: Anti-snoring Strap


All is Well: Anti-snoring Strap

The Anti-snoring strap is the most comfortable and well-designed strap.

The size of the anti-snoring strap

Highly adjustable material which can be used for any size of the head.

The design of the anti-snoring strap

*Granted with invention patents in Taiwan, China and PCT

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 Anti-snoring oral strapOrdinary Anti-snoring strapsPressure Relieving MatressesAnti-snoring pillowMassage Pillow
Treatment goalschin, mouth breathing, tongue, craniosacralchinsleep positionAnti-snoring pillowcraniosacral
regulate breathingYes
Yes, but too slippery and hard to put onNonenonenone
activate fasciaCraniosacral and deep front linenonenonenoneCraniosacral
Therapy effectmultiple sleeping disorderslowering the snoring sound (without cure)fall asleep with relaxation (without cure)lowering the snoring sound (without cure)Partial sleeping disorders

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