The Sleep Tape

Giving You a Good Night’s Sleep


A good night’s sleep is vital for good health, energy and overall well being. During sleep your body heals, repairs and regenerates, which is why the way you breathe while you are asleep is of great importance. Sleeping with an open mouth upsets the oxygen/carbon dioxide balance in your system and causes hyperventilation that results in restless sleep.

Since you can’t easily monitor how you breathe while you sleep, using All Is Well Sleep Tape ensures that your mouth stays closed at night so you breathe only through your nose.

The Key To Better Sleep, Whatever Your Age!

Benefits of Using The Sleep Tape

Taping your mouth at night is a remarkably simple, yet extremely powerful tool. The feedback frequently given is that people wake up more alert in the morning, sleep more calmly, don’t wake up during the night, and need less sleep.

  • Avoid hyperventilation – If you sleep with an open mouth your breathing will automatically exceed your body’s needs and you will hyperventilate, which upsets the oxygen/carbon dioxide balance.
  • Keeps your mouth shut – Applying tape to your mouth at night is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure that your mouth stays closed and respiration occurs only through your nose. This will make breathing work for you instead of against you.
  • Wake up rested – Nasal breathing is the first step towards good breathing habits. Nasal breathing during sleep increases the chance that your body can relax and get the rest it needs.
  • Gives a deep sleep – Restless sleep is common amongst nightly mouth breathers. When we perceive danger we automatically open our mouth. It’s an inert reaction associated with our fight/flight/freeze-system. To promote deep sleep the fight/flight/freeze-system needs to be put on the backburner, which is easier achieved when our mouth is closed.

Feature Design

MaterialMedical PU Waterproof Adhesive Tape, latexfree
Sensitiveanti-allergic Medicinal membrane
Quantity32 strips (1 month supply)
Biocompatibility Testcytotoxicity, sensitization, and irritation

The Sleep Tape

  • Keeps your mouth shut
  • Anti-allergic Medicinal membrane
  • Gives a deep sleep

使用建議:睡前 10-20 分鐘即可把貼片貼上,訓練鼻子呼吸。
主要成分:PU 膜醫療級低敏膠。

  • 年幼兒童、喝醉、吃安眠藥、中風患者或無法自主將貼片撕掉者,禁止使用。
  • 本貼片為個人貼身用品,一經拆封使用,恕無法接受退換貨。
  • 使用本貼片若有出現皮膚紅、腫、熱、痛、過敏及呼吸困難等症狀,請立即停止使用。










無二國際事業有限公司 南投縣埔里鎮中山路三段 341 號 049-2919603
【本產品已投保 1000 萬產品責任險】

How to Use?

You may think it sounds barbaric, or feel uncomfortable with the idea of applying tape to your mouth—a common reaction amongst people when they first hear about the idea. The discomfort is generally just a mental block, and after trying it out for a few minutes most people find they get used to it. If you do feel discomfort, please apply the tape fifteen minutes before bedtime, in order to become more comfortable with the sensation.

  • Tape vertically or horizontally – The Sleep Tape could be applied either horizontally or vertically. Some users perceive the vertical approach to be less intimidating.
  • Be persistent – You may wake up without a taped mouth since it’s common that we remove the tape in our sleep during the first, second, and maybe third night. Please be persistent and continue to apply the tape.
  • Apply a while before bedtime – If you do feel discomfort, I suggest you apply the tape fifteen minutes before bedtime, in order to become more comfortable with the sensation.
  • Get your partner to tape too – You may think that it’s not very sexy to tape your mouth at night, but you can always cuddle first, and then tape your mouth. Some prefer to wait to apply the tape to their mouth until their partner has fallen asleep. Perhaps you can get your partner to tape their mouth too?

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